Purpose of the Festival

We aim to move our Islamic values to the agenda of young and professional filmmakers to ensure the production of films which have ethic, esthetic and technical integrity all over the world.
The awareness which we want to create with our young colleagues aim to contribute to community awareness with the films containing our core values.
We want to describe Islam in a correct and understandable way with a new cinema language by subjecting 7 saints of 7 cities with aggregating filmmakers from many countries in the same frame.
Television and cinema are the producing and transporting instruments of the global culture today.
We want to have our next generation filmmakers to produce films through the architects of our root paradigms and values with 7 Saints 7 Cities Short Film Festival.
We would like to open a new perspective for our young colleagues with this awareness which we want to create with our festival.
We have the honor of making 7 saints of 7 cities a cinema theme with adhering to Islamic decency and share the enthusiasm of our young colleagues of whom we hope will produce films and scenarios with the same decency.
Festival Committee Chairman
Eda Sürmeli