Production Company: My Elite Production
Project Coordinator/ Producer: Eda Sürmeli

The festival concerns the lives of 7 Islamic saints from 7 different cities as a theme. The themes change every year. The short films and short film scenarios which have inspired or adapted from the lives, thoughts, philosophy or the doctrines of these saints compete in the festival. The films or the scenarios can be imagined in the period of the saints or in our time.
As being the world’s first sufism film festival 7 Saints 7 Cities Short  Film Festival carries the scenarios of young and professional scriptwriters to white screen.
There will be one winner chosen for each theme from the competing scenarios and 7 best scenarios will be filmed with a professional team by My Elit Yapım.
7 best short films shot with the decided themes will be shown in the 7th Art Summer Cinema event and best 4 films will be awarded.
7 best scenarios from the scenario competetion category and 4 films from the short film competition category, totally 11 awards will be given in the festival’s final night.
Festival competitions are in 2 categories.
Short Film Scenario Competition
The scenarios fictionized from the lives, thoughts or the doctrines of the 7 Islamic saints compete in this category. The scenarios may reflect the time of the saints or can be fictionized in our time. There will be 1 winning scenario chosen for each theme. As the first of it’s kind in Turkey, the chosen best 7 scenarios will be filmed by My Elit Yapım and presented to the public in the 7th Art Summer Cinema.
Short Film Competition
The short films prepared with the theme of 7 Islamic saints will be competing in this category. 7 best short films will be determined by an eligible jury. The films are going to be presented to the public in the 7th Art Summer Cinema and best 4 of them will be awarded in the final night of the festival as the best, the 2nd best, the 3rd and the 4th best short films.
The festival consists of 4 stages.
The Competitions: Short Film Scenario Competition
Short Film Competition
Natural Plateau 7 Short Films Shooting Days: 7 best scenarios are filmed in the natural and historical texture of a city in this event.
Totally 14 films obtained from the competitions in  2 categories are presented to the public for free in the 7th Art Summer Cinema event for 1 week in 2 different cities.
7 Saints 7 Cities Short Film Festival Award and Final Ceremony:
Award ceremony is organized with the participation of prominent names from business and art life in the final night. 7 best scenarios receive 14.000 TL, the best 4 films receive 22.500 TL. Totally 36.500 TL is given for 11 winners as award in the final night of the festival.
The event dates of the festival will be announced from the website announcements section and social media.
International 7 Saints 7 Cities Short Film Festival is organized with civil initiative by My Elit Yapım.