The selection of the jury of the festival management discretion. Festival management can choose  jurors through the festival management, theater writer, academics, the film industry, from other areas of the arts, from film festivals manager, especially in culture and art, among journalists believed to be competent in cinema.
Festival management, to assist in the operation regulations, without the right to vote may appoint an observer to the jury meeting.

The names of the jury will be announced at the festival press conference.
• Front jury at the end of a maximum of 10 for each parent (ten) nominated film competition.
• By selecting a first for each Islamic large Jury screenplay competition gives the right to award a total of seven best-case scenario.

The jury in the short film category of the films accepted to the competition, Best 1 (First) Film, Best 2 (second) movie, best 3rd (third) Film and Best 4th (fourth) Film (Honorable Mention) as Select work for a total of four awards.
• You can share but unanimous jury award. If the prize is shared, the amount of the prize will be shared.

Jury members are obliged to follow all the movies and to the jury meeting. As can watch movies alone, you can watch as the public at a date to be determined by the festival management.
• If the jury members would prefer to select a chairperson within itself.
• Jury members, except for meetings jury comments on the films, under any circumstances, and no party can not share.

• Payments legal tax deductions and deducting the fees paid by bank transfer.
• Award-winning writer of the screenplay and director of the award-winning films are required to attend the award ceremony. Notifying excuse even if they are not given awards to those who participate in the award-winning ceremony.