Short Film Competition Conditions of Participation


This short film competition category of our short film festival concerns theme of the life of 7 Saints of Wise and from their work,stories and tellings reflected in our time or in their ancient times.
· All kind of fiction, animation, experimental and documantery films can participate the short film competetion.
· Films participating  the competition are evaluated in the same category and rewarded.
· Competition generic included duration of fiction that does not exceed 15 minutes, animation, experimental films and not exceed 20 minutes documentary films may apply. Front jury can act flexibly in time restrictions if necessary needed.
· Competitors can apply with more than one work.
· İf previously participated in national or international competitions or have received awards from them is not a barrier to participate our competitions.
· The participants should fill out the application form completely in their own work online at the festival’s web site In addition, a signed copy of the application form and 2 DVD copies of the film must be delivered to the festival center.
· Festival management, a portion of the 30-second of the film, provided that it is entitled to use for promotional purposes.
· After the announcement of the competition,of the films, the participants can not take their works out from the festival. Each applicator shall be deemed to have accepted this rule.
· Evaluated by the selection committee entitled to contest the film festival’s official website and announced through the media. The owners of the works which are not selected for the competetion will not be given information through any communication.
· From the creative team works accepted for the competition only one (1) representative will be invited to the festival. Participation in the festival dates will be announced by the festival management.
· Film festival management submitted by the main jury and audience in the hall and programs it deems appropriate. During the demonstration of the festival, management or the hall officer, can not make the session or program request to change.
· If a work is adaptive finalist films music and script rights transfer document about them (copyright certificate) will be required. Those who work in business document is not required to transmit these documents.
Pre-screening passes are eligible to participate in the competition film holders, within 7 days after the announcement of the names;
• English subtitles Movie DCP copy or Apple ProRes 422 (.mov) and mp4 (minimum 90 bitrate high definition) format copy of the film
• The film shot in a language other than Turkish, in Turkish and English subtitles copy
•5 pieces of the film high resolution photo in JPG format
•Director’s high resolution photograph
•Movie’s Turkish and English  two seperate summaries (max. 80 words)
•Director’s Turkish and English short biography (max. 80 words) must be delivered in a CD or flash to the festival management.
· The applicant festival films will be kept in the custody of the archives of 7 saints 7 cities short film festival and will be submitted to the service of academic research makers, if necessary needed.
· Competent Art Cinema and Culture Association can collect a DVD of the short films selected, in order to contribute to the development and promotion of the short films if needs necessary to distribute and promote in various organizations. The directors of the selected films will be informed about this.
· The Festival management reserves the right to make regulations without prior notice for any kind of changes.

. 7 finalist short films selected by the jury in the Short Film category will be screened to the public, and the best 4 films will be awarded. Awards in this category; BTSO honorable mention for the 4th best movie - 5,000 TL for the best documantary movie, 7.500 TL for the animation best movie, 10.000 TL for the best fiction  movie 15.000 tl;will be awarded.

Deadline for applications in this category will end on 1 MAY 2024